How Many Black Designers Do You Know?

The point of this blog post is to start a conversation.  I want to hear what everyone has to say, also I’m interested in multiple types of opinions no matter what the view is.  As a black design student currently and almost finished with university, I wonder about this topic almost everyday.  Where can I find inspiration in design from people that I share the same identity with?  Most of the examples I’m shown (including mainstream art history etc. etc.) are from majority white artist/designers.  When I ask my professors I receive mostly the same answer (so for now I don’t ask as much).  It’s always a confused look with the same response, “It’s just how it’s always been, but I do agree that we need more diversity in curriculum…”, so easy to say but to actually do something about it takes a bit more effort.  It’s really discouraging as a young black student to aim to be like someone who doesn’t have your same experiences.  However even as I say this, I can say I have found some pretty good motivation from some of my professors and they have shown me a few beautiful black artists/designers.  I guess my main question is do people question where the black presence is in design.  Do you aim to try to find it? Are you aware that your students/colleagues might want to talk about it? I think it’s something worth asking.  Also something I want to continue to write about.  So think of this as a conversation starter.  Just the beginning.


  • Ash

2 thoughts on “How Many Black Designers Do You Know?

  1. Hey! I’d love to chat more with you. This exact topic is something I am trying to work diligently to improve in NWA. I’m a black designer (we only make up less than 3% of the design population by the way), graduated from UA in 2015, and am now on the board for our local AIGA chapter where I am heading up programming and leading diversity and inclusion. Email/call/whatever is easiest and I’d love to get together with you to chat.

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