Alternative Process Thoughts On Art (Free Write)

Alternative Process

Motor Function Motor function has been recognized as an important physical component in the ‘Production Phase’ of the process. It has been suggested that motor function plays a role in an artist ability, although its effects are not significant.

Most artists depend majorly on the talent in their hands, their ability to draw and create things using them.  I feel like something that is created from handicapping yourself would benefit the world and yourself in what art can be. Not that it always has to be done with a brush, or pen, etc. That our bodies are literally tools for art too. It would be kind of like starting over, and seeing the simplest line created from an arm or your fingers rather than a brush.  Not just simply replacing the brush with your hands. There are even artists who use their own bodies to paint (or hair).

Since I rely on the freeness of my hand movements, to create the type of line that I enjoy. To handicap myself in a way to make it hard for me to move them. This would offer me a new perspective on what I can do. Using new movements to create those same lines, or maybe finding new lines, new favorite things. I guess the thing I am trying to say is to bind my hands together and draw or paint or photograph etc, this would have me literally using my entire body to create the lines that I want. Switching back and forth from tools to hands. For me this mainly will result in new discovery of techniques for me, since I tend to stay in my comfort zone.

Perception It has been suggested that an individual’s ability to perceive an object they are creating is the most important stage in the “creative” process. This suggestion is supported by the discovery of a robust relationship between perception and drawing ability.

My idea would be to take this out entirely, the whole idea of having a good perception of object we are creating.  Whether that be distorting an image to the point that it’s an unrecognizable object or face. Or even that you don’t fully look at the object while drawing/creating it. Make it to where you see only shapes or blurry lines. Or even to perceive everything as poop. Ya maybe not. But you get the general idea.

A jumble of ideas on a process of creating.






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